The company

For the past 20 years, besides working in stair construction, our company has been active in developing prototypes, tools and moulds for the automobile industry.

Our core competences can be listed as follows:

  • Metal construction: We have two generations of experience in creating artistic steel structures and design-oriented staircases that are installed worldwide. There are no limits to our imagination.
  • Formwork construction: When creating a staircase, the problems involved in building a conventional concrete stair become increasingly obvious. Planning and subsequent construction mistakes often require expensive modifications or re-construction. Our proprietary SCAWO formwork system has been an aid, for the past 5 years, in building complex staircases based completely on CAD and CNC technology.

Thanks to these abilities, our knowledge of materials and our highly modern machinery, the way was clear to start producing tools and utensils. Highly precise production plants machine small series of plastic parts and the required accessories are planned and produced. The accessories, such as gauges and assembly utensils, required for plastic cladding in the automobile industry complete our product range and make us the perfect partner to carry out your projects.

Equipment / Machinery / Software

A modern software package is a basic requirement to work in the automobile industry and for complex utensils.

We use two workstations with Solidworks Premium and one with Thinkdesign and Hypercad-S for our own structures and to carry out our clients' projects.

In order to guarantee the smooth exchange of data between the various CAD platforms, we use not only the standard formats step and igs, but also direct interfaces to Catia V4, Catia V5, Pro engineer and Rino.

Our machinery makes virtual structures a reality. Our CAM programming system is Hypermill, by Openmind. Complex elements and difficult milling work are no problem thanks to simultaneous 5-axis machining.

Machining centre: CMS Antares, simultaneous 5-axis machining, large 2600x1500x1200mm working area. Strong high-speed electrospindle for work on non-ferrous metals, composites and plastics. Aspiration and filter components allow the machining of materials that would clog up the cooling units of conventional machining centres.

DMG DMU 80 Monoblock 5-axis simultaneous machining center for steel, stainless steel, and non ferrous metals

DMG Graziano 320 Linear: turning lathe with driven tools for the production of small series and accessories for utensils.

Gama Evolution 250H: High-pressure spray machine to apply PU coatings to a great variety of materials. This is especially interesting when building models, because it is possible to create a core for the pieces out of conveniently lightweight materials and then mill the hard PU external layer.

Using our FARO EDGE 2.7m measurement arm and the BuiltIT software, we can guarantee that our parts and gauges comply with the prescribed measures and produce the required certifications for you.


Cubing and gauges

We also produce measuring gauges and pre-machined cubing models to verify and measure the tools. The position points are based on the client's indications.


The vehicle personalisation options and the resulting varieties can make machining and milling cheaper, in some cases, than buying special moulding tools

The synthetic coatings applied to the utensils produced in-house are milled with various machining centres. In part, these use tools specially created for individual parts using CAD, to allow surface quality and high feed rates and the machining of profiles such as radii and phases.

Clamping fixtures

Our core competence is the construction and production of clamping fixtures for the machining and polishing of parts on CNC and robotised machinery.

Mould and die production

We machine laminates from plastic and Ureol to mould fibreglass- and carbon-reinforced parts and prototype tools for foam application.

Temperature stability is a considerable issue in selecting materials, in order to allow tempering of the laminated parts.

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